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Choose Launch Stack to launch the template in the us-east-1 region in your account: After the stack is successfully created, you need to finish the configuration.

After you've successfully uploaded the updated website to S3, go to the URL for the website.

Learn More The new Ref Works increases researcher productivity by simplifying the research experience.

We provide examples in Curl, Ruby, PHP, Java - and for Events, Java Script.

The new Ref Works is a reference management service that supports the needs of students, faculty and librarians.

With an improved user experience, full-text management and collaboration features, Ref Works gives students and faculty a tool that enables a more efficient and reliable process for producing research papers.

Access legacy Ref Works Sign up for access to Refworks Check out the new support materials for Ref Works.

From new datasheets, customizable posters and table tents to new Refworks You Tube video Channel, Pro Quest is excited to share with you materials that can help support your libraries and users.

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The Box API supports the HTTP If-Match and If-None-Match headers for certain methods in the files and folders endpoints (Supported methods are listed below).

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