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Milanova webcam

Opinion: Don't count 'doomsday asteroid' out yet About 3,000 buildings were damaged -- mostly with broken glass -- as a result of the shock waves caused by the blast, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency said.

Described by NASA as a "tiny asteroid," the meteor's explosion created a blast in central Russia equivalent to 300,000 tons of TNT, the space agency's officials said Friday, adding that the incident was a once-in-100-years event. Most of those hurt are in the Chelyabinsk region, though the vast majority of injuries are not thought to be serious.

About 20,000 emergency response workers were mobilized, RIA Novosti reported. It was captured in vivid images by Russians, many of whom used dash cameras inside their vehicles.

Read more: Saving Earth from asteroids Amateur video footage showed a bright white streak moving rapidly across the sky, before exploding with an even brighter flash and a deafening bang. Dash cameras are popular in Russia for several reasons including possible disputes over traffic accidents and the corrupt reputations of police in many areas.

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