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Site visitors can have myriad unanswered questions that they may need assistance with.

With Live chat support you can help your customers find the right products and services and find assistance to easily pay for those services without scratching their head.

The client should not have to wait for a specific time to get virtual support thus Whitehat’s virtual support is not limited to specific hours or timings. We did some research work in the market that many companies are providing the virtual support at specific timings only.Usually the visitor initiates a chat request by clicking an icon on your website.Live chat can be used for prospective customers in order to help them with their buying decision or for current customers who need support with a product they have already bought.Live chat offers convenience for customers’ right from your website without them having to leave looking for assistance on the phone, email or social media.Live chat is cost efficient because it often increases the average order value of customer purchases since many of these customers are getting helpful advice and insights on what to shop for matched with their interests, as well as answers to any product questions they might have.

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Due to this, clients have to wait for those specific hours, especially the clients from other zones whose GMT differs.

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