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It didn't take long before our observations reverted to what people were wearing.Annie taught me a lot about fashion, specifically the art of wearing boots over your jeans.That was pretty entertaining, but people watching is a close second.So we sat on a bench studying the passers by and attempted to guess what kind of people they were and the types of relationships they had with those accompanying them.That being said, I will not be posting every day again for a loooong time. You have to actually a life in order to blog about it.In fact, as a special gift to my husband (and probably to a few of you, too), I'm going to take the next week off. When I think of all the things I want to do at Burning Man, I get warm and fuzzy feelings inside. It just remains to be seen which form that pleasure comes in.

Albert and I enjoyed dinner and a movie with our friends Kevin & Andrea over the weekend.I learned that this is bad: Now the sweater, belt, and horrific sexy face aside, do you see the jeans bunching up over the top of the boots? I also learned that this is good: Boots over skinny jeans is very respectable, especially cute slouchy boots with buckles as shown here.Now back to our public surveillance, our attention turned to one girl in particular who, as I was taught, was a horrible example of the boot to jean fashion. As you have probably guessed, things broke bad over here in the Doxie land. But in the end, it was the very best possible thing for everyone involved, even if it took me a long time to figure that out. If you need to vent (albeit to someone who doesn't actually know you) drop me a line. I'd recommend considering a switch to Typepad -- it's all the shininess of MT, but they do the hard parts for you. AND I'm so glad that it was only a break up and not something like that. ), I think I can safely say that 1) everyone needs to work it out in their own way, and it sounds like you did that, and 2) I personally blogged through it so I was that JOY TO BE AROUND for the entire internet, so I grant winning points to you for waiting to come back. And I can't even believe you apologized for anything because it's just a blog and it's not like we could be mad at you. Okay, I might need to get some new hobbies or get out of the house more, but I was SO excited to see your post in my feed reader today. I'm sure this new phase of your life will be even more awesome than your last. It seems like you have the proper perspective, though - you deserve someone who wants a life with you as much as you want a life with them - on happiness. So, while I'm sure in the grand scheme of the universe that he is not wholly evil, you deserve better. So let's all grab a bottle of something, and settle in for a Very Special Episode of Miss Doxie. I'm in Charlottesville, and we have about 20 local wineries. Hi Doxie: Glad you are back - not so warm and fuzzy about the reason you were away for so long - i totally think that Dukay has lost track of his senses... Having put in a good 3 years in a similar situation I can empathize. Also, just a warning: Movable Type has gotten even more difficult to handle in the time you've been gone. HOWEVER, there was fear in me that there had been a family tragedy; a sickness, a death, something... Having been there and done that (and really, who amongst us has not? Miss Doxie I cannot even tell you how FREAKING excited I am that you are OK and back and better. Congratulations to you for being brave enough to come back and post about what you went through! I figured you were trapped under a tower of Southeastern Reporters or being held hostage by Westlaw or something, and I'm a little sorry to find out how off course I was. You don't need to apologize for not updating; life is really crappy sometimes and not sharing the blow-by-blow of that with the Internet (uh, not that *I* do that or anything) isn't necessarily a bad thing. more like a way of refining your "must haves" when it comes to relationships. He had to know you had good reasons to be making plans.

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I know that I owe everyone an explanation as to my absence, and I'm tired of being alienated from my own website. I'm so glad she wasn't, and I'm so glad you're entering Doxie 2.0 and are happy. And OF COURSE you are enough by yourself for this here website, silly girl! But you're totally right, you should have someone who just wants to be with your fabulous self, and you're so awesome, I bet you'll have a line of someones waiting outside your door as soon as you're ready for them! I am sorry for what you went through, and as my nearest and dearest lesbian friend would say "Boys are dumb and stupid." Pretty much her response to anything male related. :) You were one of the first blogs I ever bookmarked and have always been my favorite! You're so perfect that you truly are one of those people I wish I could hate, but totally love and I don't even KNOW you! You were in my prayers that all was OK for hear you've come to the other side of it. I sincerely hope you find it, but until then, look forward to Doxie 2.0 and all of the upcoming adventures and short (geddit, short..dauchsands...heh) stories:) We love you over here, girl and missed the hell outta you!

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  1. I posted it to facebook and got an immediate comment from Mrs D that perhaps there were some important details missing. Dating a surfer in Hawaii might well be like winning the lottery if he’s loaded and gorgeous and you don’t have to work and he’s got his own personal make up artist and photographer to make him look ‘kewl’ every time he sits in the line up.