Dating confused about career path

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Dating confused about career path

A large segment of today’s youth is faced with these apprehensions as soon as they start their educational journey.

Though a small word, a ‘but’ can be the cause of great confusion and doubt on these young minds as they fight limitations, every single step of the way.

Due to this high demand, educational institutions are setting a very high benchmark for the candidates.

Not being able to get into their dream college can be a major setback for the students.

All I believe is if you have got a dream its you who has got all to preserve it. Just don't wait for the time when you will look back with regrets and dissatisfaction. Either you take the right decision or if you don't you should be able to take decision and make it right.

Still if you face any dilemma think of endless possibilities what you could have become if not in IT.

Hooked, she thought becoming a physicist was doable.No one wanted to see her there because everyone else could see in.As the firm’s new in-house career coach, responsible for everything from helping new lawyers learn the nuances of partner politics to helping them find a new job, her work could be a bit sensitive.When Carrie Marker started at Dechert four and a half years ago, it was part of a larger talent initiative aimed at making sure the firm is known for a “supportive, high-performance culture.” Marker, whose title is associate development counselor, used her social work background to help craft how her new role should work, placing a heavy emphasis on confidentiality.She initially set up shop in a glass-windowed office at the end of a central staircase but found her office was often empty.

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