Blackberry contacts picture not updating facebook

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Blackberry contacts picture not updating facebook

A lot of users have been complaining about their Q10 handsets getting a little too hot to handle.

Here’s what you can do: Workarounds: Here’s another common problem with all new mobile devices.

At this point, it became so obvious that my BBM is corrupt. Have you experienced this kind of problem before or your dp is currently not showing on your bbm?

So, I decided to upgrade the BBM via Blackberry App World. : You might receive some broadcasts eg "Display pictures will not change unless you broadcast this message: having the code: REP#26356". You can learn how to upgrade all blackberry apps at once here.

Note: Before you start, it'd be a good idea to do a one-time backup of your Black Berry's existing contacts before you sync them with your Google contacts.

It's commonly used as a replacement for the contact managers in email and contact applications like Microsoft Outlook.After googling it, I saw series of forum threads related to the problem. While some claim it is just a via instead of through the BB App World.I tried to delete the BBM and I was surprised not to see the "delete" option after right-clicking on the BBM icon nor see "Blackberry Messenger" listed under "Application Management).And of course, it will allow Facebook to serve targeted ads to Whats App users. But Whats App's opt-out period is only 30 days long, so if you don't want your phone number shared with Facebook, opt out before the window closes.Whats App keeps the policy change somewhat hidden, but there are two options.

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As of today, the phone numbers of Whats App users will be shared with parent company Facebook.

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